Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Nephew

This is one of my two nephews.  He is a self proclaimed dragon fighter with eyelashes that any girl would envy.  A few months ago he wanted nothing to do with my camera, but now he wants his picture taken!  yay for me.  A willing subject!  His baby brother loves the camera too, but was too interested in the outdoors to really let me get a good face shot this time around.  I am very excited to be taking pictures of my two little guys in the months to come!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Spring! (Project 52 12/52)

I am doing "Project 52"  this year.  Project 52 is a collection of photo's through the year, one from each week of the year.  Some photographers that follow Project 52 follow themes, however since this is my first year participating I chose to pick my pictures based on memories or meaning associated with the pictures.  Here is my 12 of 52 picture, and my first picture under the name Carrie Wren Photography!

What is this?  What is its meaning?  Well, its bleeding heart flowers reaching out of the cold ground towards the warm sunshine! I love springtime.  Its my favorite time of year... a time of new beginnings.  And that's what this means to me. New beginnings!

 Happy Spring to all!!

(and to all my photographer friends, yes the first was done with reverse macro)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome to Carrie Wren Photography!

I am very excited to finally have a site to direct people to see my photography!  Welcome to Carrie Wren Photography.  This  year is all about portfolio building.  What does portfolio building mean for you?  Lower prices!  I have free sessions still available for Senior pictures, Couples, Group family shots, Engagement sessions, and maternity.

The site here is still under construction, so bear with me while I wrap up the loose ends!

And if you need more to look at see Carrie Wren Photography on  Facebook and my personal account on Flikr