Monday, July 27, 2015


I have been MIA from the photography scene, for the most part, aside from a few photo sessions here and there.  Why??  Because of this beautiful baby below... 

Sophia has changed my priorities and shown me a world I may have never known.  Sophia was born with a very rare syndrome.  It has been a journey!

In honer of Sophia, and the "awakening" she has caused in me, I am doing a series titled "BE THE AWARNESS- a rare series".  This series will showcase babies and children with rare disorders, that have a journey to share and awareness to spread.

Do you know someone with a rare journey to share??  Please have them contact me!  If they are chosen to be a part of this series they will get free images from Carrie Wren Photography and awareness for their cause!!

Sophia's journey and rare syndrome will be shared in this series also, but first, we will start with this little beauty (below) and her story.... coming soon!

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