Monday, September 19, 2016

Gettysburg family Photographer - Natural light photographer, Fall Mini Sessions- Fall What to wear - Tips for your dog at your photo session - making the most of your session

Fall is in the air.... do you smell it?  I do!  I also hear a lot of chatter about wanting fall family pictures, and for good reason!!  Every year about this time photographers fill their schedules.  In peer groups, we discuss different ways to step up the game and squeeze all of our clients into the beautiful season!  For this reason, so many of us do Fall mini's!

 Fall mini sessions are a great way to accommodate our clients love for fall, and make the most out of those precious daylight hours which are decreasing every day! Wow it is getting dark early these days!  As photographers we chase the light.... we manipulate it.... we work with the light to help us keep memories and tell stories through imaging. Because light is so critical, and fall is.... well, uncontrollable, the times and location will not be finalized till about a week prior.  I have a time and place in mind for each slot, but as a perfectionist, I need to scout my location closer to the shoot date and find the perfect light for you!

This mini session price is the lowest of the year (and last year too I believe!).... because I too love the fall color and light!  Session must be paid in full prior to sessions start.  If paying with credit card please specify when booking so an invoice can be sent through paypal. Our fall mini's this year will be around 15-20 minutes each.  Because sessions are scheduled with only a few minutes in between, I ask that you show up a few minutes early.  I will have two morning and two evening slots available for each day.  Cost is $100 for 8 digital images which will be provided to you via a downloadable password protected online gallery.  You will be given a print release at your session and may print up to and including an 8 x 10. If you wish to print anything larger, or purchase a canvas or other large print option, I ask that you go through me so I can check for fine detail in the chosen image, and so that I can help you get good quality prints -- it really matters in larger sizes especially!

Clients often ask me "what should I wear?" --I've never claimed to be fashionable!  So for inspiration I've turned to pinterest and collected a few links for you.  I will list them below!

(^^ this site has all 4 seasons, scroll down to fall)

Here is a great collection of colors for more inspiration!

Deep autumn colors:

Another frequently asked question.... "Can I bring my dog?" Answer: Yes!  Of course you can bring your fur baby!  If bringing your pet, please know that I can not control how your pet responds to the photo session.  I trust that you know your dogs limitations. I do have experience with dogs, and have one of my own and we will do our best to get your dog to sit and say cheese!!!  Here are a few dogs that visited me during our fall mini's last year!

Tips for bringing your fur baby to our fall mini's:

-Show up a little early to acclimate your pup to the area
-if your dog responds well to treats, please have treats available
-let me know those "key words" that gets your pups attention
-use plain color leashes, preferably without the bulky plastic handle.  
-plan on listening to me act like a crazy person and bark... because for some reason dogs respond to me by looking!  yes, I may sound crazy, but..... you'd be amazed what a photographer would do for that "perfect shot"!
-If your dog will be joining you, I can make arrangements for someone (most likely my 7 year old awesome daughter) to tag along with me to be an extra set of hands.  She's a great lovely assistant and never minds lending a hand!

Last but not least, bring a smile, and a positive happy attitude.  Photo's are moments froze in time, memories that you may have not remembered otherwise.  Make this a fabulous memory.  Make a plan to spend some time together the day of your photo session, so when you look back on these images in years to come, you remember the events of the day.... you remember the people you are with, the love you shared, the fun you had.... because when you get right down to it, LOVE is all that matters!!!!

Life is short- love the little things, embrace love!

Contact Carrie Wren Photography today to schedule your fall mini!!!

-Carrie Wren, Gettysburg area Family photographer

Monday, September 12, 2016

Carrie Wren Photography - South Central PA weddings - West Virginia Fairy tale wedding - travel wedding - natural light photography- Adams county wedding photography - FEATURED WEDDING

*FEATURED WEDDING- Shepherdstown WVA historic Inn fairy tale wedding*

This was a really exceptional wedding filled with timeless beauty! We traveled to the Bavarian Inn, which is nestled in the mountains of Shepherdstown WVA.  This historic Inn (and its "oh so cool" infinity pool) overlooks the Potomic river.  This venue was chosen because of its European style and beautiful country setting.

I wish I could share with you the full gallery of this romantic day, but instead, I will share highlights of the day!

This Bride and Groom were so easygoing which added to the lovely feel of the wedding day.  Their true and beautiful emotion made my job as a memory keeper/photographer very easy!  They found interesting ways to incorporate their theme very elegantly.  The chosen venue in beautiful West Virginia complemented their Grimm's fairy tale German theme. Henk of Triple T entertainment kept the party hopping late into the night.  It was a perfect day to remember and cherish always, and their wedding images beautifully reflected the love that was present that day!

I am very excited to be booking weddings for 2017/2018! Contact me today through the "contact" tab to take advantage of our 2016 pricing.  Although I call home to the mountains of South central PA, I also service weddings in surrounding states/areas.  Are you planning a wedding?  Lets chat about the ways we can document your love story!

  --Carrie Wren Photographer, Northern Maryland and South central PA natural light wedding photographer

-Enjoy the little things-

Once upon a time.... 

I loved the European feel to this venue...

The Bavarian Inn's gardens and grounds made a beautiful backdrop to this romantic wedding.

This Inn's entrance pathway was very inviting, I knew immediately that this was going to be a stunning wedding.

The bride stayed in the quarters in the main building.  It was such a cozy space to prepare for this beautiful day.

There is just something about brides shoes.....

Their rings were enclosed in a Lord of the Rings book that was made by a friend of the bride and groom...

This was such a fun group of guys!!!!

I have a thing for socks..... I find that other people do too!

I love how these turned out, this crew was just so nice to work with!

The bride was stunning!

I simply LOVE this next image.  This was a natural moment and I could not have planned it better.  This is the brides last few moments before she'd walk down that isle and call her love her husband.  I can see the butterflies in her stomach as her friends discussed the groomsmen taking their places.

The grooms reaction to his bride was priceless, the emotion at this wedding was so special, I could tell right away that this was a forever couple.

The wedding party was attentive and happy as they watched their friends tie the knot! And that ring boy.... seriously, can he get any cuter?

"You may kiss your bride!!!"

Their first moments together as husband and wife!!!!

These college friends shared their love for their alma mater!

This photo and the bridal preperation photos were taken by my fabulous secondshooter, Brittney Hare.

What a great looking bunch of people!!!

Here I had the bride whisper in her HUSBANDS ear her favorite moment of their ceremony, it must have been a great one, because look at those smiles!  LOVE!

This was one of my favorites, it screams "Carrie Wren Photography"!

Brittney and I found this couch upon arrival to the venue.  We knew right away we were going to visit it later in the evening.

Story books were used as table markers to tie in their Grimm's Fairy tale theme.

The cake was fabulous, topped with real roses, it really matched the personality of the wedding.

Guests watched as the bride and groom danced to their first song.

These next few images speak for themselves.... look at all that love!!!

Guests were all so happy and genuine.  This was an exceptional crowd!

The party was bumping late into the night and kept alive with the help of Henk from Triple T entertainment!

They were busting out the moves!  This celebration of love is one to remember!

And they lived happily ever after.... 

Now that we have seen their story, Lets work on telling YOUR love story!  --Contact me today for all your Gettysburg area Photographer needs!