Saturday, March 11, 2017

Carlisle PA natural light wedding photography - Fallen Tree Farm Bed and Breakfast *FEATURED WEDDING in South central PA

Carlisle PA natural light wedding photography - Fallen tree farm bed and breakfast - Wedding in South Central PA I first met this couple and their three legged miracle pup, Champ, during their engagement session. We met at Little Round top in Gettysburg PA on a warm June day. They were all so sweet together as they posed for their photo's. I knew right away their wedding would be full of love and happiness!!

For this elegant wedding we traveled to Carlisle PA to the Fallen Tree Farm Bed and Breakfast.  This venue was so unique with its barn ruins and beautiful farm house.  It's vintage charm could be seen throughout the property.  Chickens walked freely and horses grazed in the meadows.

 We arrived on the scene early to capture all the events of this magical day.  As always, we started our day by "scoping out the scene"-gathering details.  The wedding party and staff were busy setting up the venue for the days events. Everyone worked together to make this a smooth event.  The weather was beautiful with a nice breeze blowing, literally perfect fall weather!  I knew right from the start that this wedding was going to be fantastic!  The ceremony was sweet and so full of love and the party bumped into the night. It was such a great day!

The blooming flowers around the property added to the romantic feel for the day
The grasses flowed with the breeze.... 
The Inn's had such vintage charm!
I absolutely adored the colors of the Inn, they were fun to work with through my images. 
During the ceremony the bride and groom asked for their family and friends to "unplug" and enjoy the moment.
Check out these barn ruins, so super awesome!
Enjoy the little things ;) 

Beautiful before the meal prayer... 

The chickens and roosters roamed freely.
the bride prepared in the Inn nervously... the groom prepared upstairs the Inn...
The children all waited anxiously for their Aunt and Uncle's marriage. 

The groom, as handsome as can be....

..and here we go!!!!

Here comes the bride!!
You may kiss the Bride!


The reception was so much fun and bumped into the night!


I am so happy that we got to be a part of this beautiful day.  I wish these two the happiest of ever afters!!!!