The Artist

About Carrie Wren of Carrie Wren Photography!

Welcome!  I am the camera nut behind the lens at Carrie Wren Photography.  I am a wife, and a mom, and a camera nut!  I travel across south central PA photographing in many different locations.  I specialize in outdoor natural light photography, but can accommodate newborns and small children indoors. 

My journey in photography started in 35mm black and white film.  I loved snapping pictures, developing my own film and creating images exactly the way I wanted them on photographic print paper.  I took so much joy in watching the image appear before my very eyes in the chemical bins.  Later I got my very own dark room set up in a small room in my basement.  I enjoyed it, but found that life as an adult didn't allow as much time to play around in a darkroom, and photographic chemicals are only good for so long.  They are also a little too expensive to throw out without using them!  I pursued my career in nursing, and my hobby of photography got pushed aside.  I really never thought I would learn to love digital photography, after all, you don't develop your own pictures, and its not the same quality, right???  Wrong.  I soon learned that digital pictures are developed in a digital dark room in post processing.  Pictures could be tweaked, and altered to add the desired effects and appearance.  And one wonderful advantage of digital photography.... no rolls of film to limit exposures taken!   I had my daughter and found myself taking hundreds (ok, thousands) of pictures.  Soon, I had worn my digital camera out.  Seriously, I wore out the motor of the camera!  My very supportive husband encouraged me to buy a DSLR.  I had been wanting one, and although our budget didn't include the price of a digital camera I took the plunge anyways.  After learning my camera I wanted to know more, I wanted to learn how to make my pictures even better. And that's how my digital photography journey began.  I still strive for every picture to be better than the one before!  Its been a great journey, and I look forward to the road ahead! 

Just one more thing... this wouldn't be an "about me" if I didnt mention my wonderful family.  I am blessed with a wonderful husband, Steven, and two beautiful little girls, Cassidy and Sophia.  My girls are absolutely the inspiration behind the lens.